Djalkiri Foundation

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Goal 2

Strengthen and nurture
the community of East
Arnhem Land through
djalkiri and gurruṯu

Our approach is centred on the key principles that shape
how Yolŋu people understand the world, their place in it and their
relationship to others through djalkiri and gurruṯu.

We promote Yolŋu knowledge systems, practices and language,
embedding them into our activities.

We create a web of community support and connection for
individuals to promote intergenerational learning.

Goal 2

Priority actions

We will:

  • Collaborate with community organisations, identifying needs
    and working towards local solutions.
  • Advocate for community and place-based education that
    meets the needs of Yolŋu and support intergenerational
    learning, including Yolŋu academic learning through Galtha.
  • Promote and support the development of first language.
  • Document and promote the stories and knowledge of our
    elders through Yän newsletters and Yolŋu matha.
  • Hold community forums to bring together community,
    build connections between providers and organisations
    and support ways of working together with Galtha as
    the framework.