Djalkiri Foundation

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Goal 3

Create the space
for Yolŋu to lead self
determining lives
of meaning

We dismantle the barriers holding people back by advocating for more responsive and human-centred models of service delivery. This includes fostering better collaboration between services in the region by utilising existing networks and building on strengths.

We walk with individuals and support them to take steps, big and small, towards their aspirations by utilising existing networks and gurruṯu (relationships).

Goal 3

Priority actions

We will:

  • Support a team of guŋga’yunami (Yolŋu case workers) to provide tailored support to individuals ready to take steps towards their goals and aspirations.
  • Transition members of the team into permanent part time positions, enabling them to achieve their aspirations of more secure employment as resources grow.
  • Bring the Yolŋu together and use self reflective tools to help develop deeper understandings of their strengths, aspirations and potential life pathways.
  • Help participants understand what services are available and access government and non-government services essential to their lives.
  • Advocate for priority services such as driver education.