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Welcome to Djalkiri Foundation.
We support equitable, connected and healthy
Yolŋu communities.

Welcome to Djalkiri. We support equitable, connected and healthy Yolŋu communities.

Our djäma (role and purpose) at the Djalkiri foundation is to support Yolŋu to lead empowered lives
of meaning and belonging. Djalkiri Foundation is a Yolŋu-led
organisation based in Nhulunbuy
in the Northern Territory.
We work across north-east Arnhem
Land developing and applying Yolŋu approaches and


We are Yolŋu-led as reflected in our board, key personnel and the deep relationships we have with our communities.
We are a fledgling organisation, building the structures, tools, processes and practices we need to work effectively with our communities.

Yolŋu people have a strong sense of individual and cultural identity, grounded by djalkiri

Our Djalkiri tells us who we are in terms of land,
relations and knowledge systems.

We are underpinned by gurruṯu

Gurruṯu is the kinship system that links all Yolŋu people with each other, and with everything in the universe.

Our strengths often go unrecognised in non-Yolŋu society.

Djalkiri seeks to create the right conditions for Yolŋu people, organisations and communities to flourish.

We work directly with Yolŋu people to identify what they want to achieve and how to get there. We then work with services and organisations to join the dots, catalysing collaboration in the region.

Importantly, as a Yolŋu-led and owned organisation, we keep power and decision-making in the hands of the community.


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